OST Naruto Shippuden : Road To You All (2nd Ending, English)

Just like always
As I turn that corner
I am lost in the waves of people
Melting, disappearing

I lose my way
I even completely lose my words

But just one thing
Remains, remains
Your voice

Your smiling faces, your angry faces, everything
Keeps me walking on
The point where the clouds break
I'm sure you can see it

You know what I mean? (You know what I mean?)

Even though I live ambiguously
My heart is immature, but
Because of it, look, over there is
The person important to me

If you get lost
I will be your guide
If you believe in me

I'm positive I know the way
So don't be afraid

The light collects and shoots across the sky
Like it understands you

And then, the road you walk
Shines even more

Forever... (Forever...)

Going from your hair to your voice to your mouth, to your fingertips

It's just as good now (It's just as good now)


Anonymous said...

keren2...q sukak lagu iniy..

[A]gito said...

agito juga suka lagu ini, yang nyanyi tu lho si Aluto suaranya keren banget..

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