2010 J-POP BEST HIT Vol.1
01. 急☆上☆SHOW!! (Originally Performed By 関ジャニ∞)
02. 恋の予感から (Originally Performed By レミオロメン)
03. さよなら世界 (Originally Performed By 氣志團)
04. 見つめていたい (Originally Performed By flumpool)
05. Loveless (Originally Performed By 山下智久)
06. スワンソング (Originally Performed By KinKi Kids)
07. Once Again (Originally Performed By CHEMISTRY)
08. Everybody (Originally Performed By JAYED)
09. 明日に咲く花 (Originally Performed By 馬場俊英)
10. ヘルプミーヘルプミーヘルプミー (Originally Performed By 清竜人)

2010 J-POP BEST HIT Vol.2
01. 愛すべき未来へ (Originally Performed By EXILE)
02. KISS KISS KISS (Originally Performed By 鈴木亜美)
03. フレイム (Originally Performed By flumpool)
04. まもりたい ~White Wishes~ (Originally Performed By BoA)
05. ホットペッパーの唄 (Originally Performed By 木村カエラ)
06. 僕は君に恋をする (Originally Performed By 平井 堅)
07. 哀しみはきっと (Originally Performed By UVERworld)
08. Let it Go (Originally Performed By 伊藤由奈)
09. スノープリンス (Originally Performed By スノープリンス合唱団)
10. 時計じかけのアンブレラ (Originally Performed By 嵐)

2010 J-POP BEST HIT Vol.3
01. マイガール (Originally Performed By 嵐)
02. ときめきのルンバ (Originally Performed By 氷川きよし)
03. Dear My Friend (Originally Performed By Every Little Thing)
04. 地獄先生 (Originally Performed By 相対性理論)
05. fanfare (Originally Performed By Mr.Children)
06. 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 祭って祭って!いらっしゃ~い (Originally Performed By 松岡由貴)
07. はつ恋 (Originally Performed By 福山雅治)
08. 星のように (Originally Performed By MISIA)
09. 君にサヨナラを (Originally Performed By 桑田佳祐)
10. I wish (Originally Performed By 関ジャニ∞)

2010 J-POP BEST HIT Vol.4
01. Calling (Originally Performed By flumpool)
02. 冬恋 (Originally Performed By 関ジャニ∞)
03. Paxmaveiti ラフマベティ -君が僕にくれたもの- (Originally Performed By 安藤裕子)
04. 新世紀のラブソング (Originally Performed By ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION)
05. SHOCK! (Originally Performed By ℃-UTE)
06. COPY THAT (Originally Performed By 安室奈美恵)
07. 涙 (Originally Performed By FUNKY MONKEY BABYS)
08. BANDAGE (Originally Performed By LANDS)
09. 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 人生の主役コール! (Originally Performed By 白石稔)
10. そっと、きゅっと (Originally Performed By SMAP)

2010 J-POP BEST HIT Vol.5
01. 君がいない未来 (Originally Performed By Do As Infinity)
02. Sailing my life (Originally Performed By 平原綾香&藤澤ノリマサ)
03. Last Kiss (Originally Performed By 超新星)
04. ふたつの唇 (Originally Performed By EXILE)
05. Dear (Originally Performed By 西野カナ)
06. 春夏秋冬 (Originally Performed By ヒルクライム)
07. ハルラブ (Originally Performed By Juliet)
08. 残酷な天使のテーゼ (Originally Performed By 高橋洋子)
09. また朝が来る (Originally Performed By TOKIO)
10 明日へ (Originally Performed By FUNKY MONKEY BABYS)

2010 J-POP BEST HIT Vol.6
01. Diamond (Originally Performed By alan)
02. サイン (BENI)
03. ジェリーフィッシュの告白 (Originally Performed By 中島愛)
04. 雪をください (Originally Performed By 関ジャニ∞)
05. 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 ホモ サピエンス ラプソディ (Originally Performed By 杉田智和)
06. THE D-MOTION (Originally Performed By KAT-TUN)
07. ガチ桜 (Originally Performed By 湘南乃風)
08. いつの日も (Originally Performed By 阿部真央)
09. BLESS (Originally Performed By LArc~en~Ciel)
10. 痛いよ (Originally Performed By 清竜人)


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